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2007 ASH BASH Game Scenario

Recon and Intel has discovered the terrorist group Al Qahalah has been transporting uranium and biological weapons to their pacific jungle stronghold. Due to an oversight the US Military has stationed all of its troops in the Middle East and does not have the means to move any resources back to the Pacific in time.

The Department of Defense has been authorized to issue a private contract to either the Hallebosis Corporation or Ingleberry International to stop the Al Qahalah. To win the contract both companies have been issued “field proposals” at the Kualoa Operations Site.

There will be two missions that will be used as field proposals. The first is to stop the Al Qahalah transport routes and confiscate the uranium and biological weapons. The second mission is to gain control of their radio signal towers and to retain control as long as possible.

Because this is not an official US Military operation we do not care how these goals are met and may include the elimination of not only Al Qahalah but also the competing company. Because this is a top secret mission that nobody can know about we will encourage the elimination of the rival company. The company that can meet these objectives will be the winner(s).

Intel on Al Qahalah:
They are a ruthless group of soldiers. They have vast resources due to their complex trade network and wealth from oil, cars, and weapons. Many special operations teams have tried to eliminate them with no success. They are often armed with the best weapons and train constantly. Many times for sport or fun they will actually handicap themselves in battle by shooting in semi-auto only or not using camouflage. They are also known for their speed and toughness. On many occasions a single Al Qahalah fighter was able to hold off twenty experienced soldiers. Intel shows that the transport may involve only 30 Al Qahalah soldiers but they should not be underestimated.

Mission 1:
Al Qahala will have an undetermined amount of transport pods. These will contain uranium, anthrax, weapons, money and other such items. They must transport these pods from the chemical weapons plant in the lower corner up to the delivery point at the opposite corner of the field. If an Al Qahalah insurgent (or contract soldier) carrying the pod is shot they will leave the pod where they was shot and another insurgent or a contract soldier can retrieve the pod.

Contract soldiers are allowed (and encouraged) to eliminate other contract soldiers in order to meet their mission. Confiscated pods should be brought back to their company base. Competing contract soldiers as well as Al Qahalah insurgents are allowed to steal pods from the base(s).

If one company obtains all of the pods or if the Al Qahalah insurgents can get all of the pods to their delivery site the game will be over and that team has won the mission.

If you are shot you can come back to life at your team’s recycle point. Recycles occur every 10 minutes. If you are dead or at the recycle point you are not allowed to give information, ammunition, or equipment to live players.

Mission 2:
After confiscating whatever pods they could get the contract company must radio to HQ for official completion of the mission. To do so they must take over an Al Qahalah radio station in the middle of the jungle and transmit their mission results to company HQ. This is an opportunity for the competing company to take over the radio base, call in themselves and take credit for the mission. Thus both companies are fighting to take over the radio base. Whoever has control at the end of the game wins.

Due to an Al Qahalah engineering mix up the power grid to the hospitals runs through the radio base. So the company that is in control of the base will have recycles every 5 minutes. Otherwise recycles will be every 15 minutes.

As Al Qahalah insurgents are killed their reinforcements will enter the field from the road on the upper left or lower right of the radio base (their recycle points).