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Your Child and Airsoft

Your child is interested in airsoft, of course you worry. A child with a gun seems like a scary notion. With the proper education and your involvement with your child, airsoft can be a fun, rewarding, and safe sport.

What can you do as a responsible adult and parent?

Understand what your child is involved in. Airsoft is a sport similar to laser tag or paintball. While the thought of your child running around in camouflage, shooting a toy gun may seem violent, airsoft is far less violent and graphic than most videos games, movies, and television shows. Airsoft promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, quick decision making, and is an excellent form of exercise. Airsoft Hawaii's track record for safety is far better than other sports such as football or even soccer.

Be involved with your child. Come out to the field with your child for his first game and stay or even play. When you bring your child to the field the Airsoft Hawaii referees will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Watch a few games and understand how the games are played. Better yet, play a game or two. Parents who play with their children often become just as hooked on the game as their children. Many parents come out to play with their children regularly.

Educate your child. While airsoft guns are toys, safe and responsible handling is a must. Serious injury or even death can occur from the mishandling of an airsoft gun. Teach your child how to handle an airsoft gun safely. A few of the basic tips for handling airsoft guns are:

  • Never point an airsoft gun, loaded or unloaded, at a person who is not wearing safety gear, even in play.
  • Never put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to fire.
  • Never take an airsoft gun into public view.
  • Never take an airsoft gun to school. It is against the law.
  • Always wear eye protection when firing an airsoft gun.
  • More airsoft gun handling rules can be found in the airsoft gun handling section.

A child who understands safe handling of airsoft guns is far less likely to injure himself or those around him.

Know when and where your child is using his airsoft gun. While airsoft guns are toys using them on public land, in schools, and even in some cases around your home can be illegal. Don't let your child wander around the outside of the house with his airsoft. Don't let your child take his airsoft on the bus or to school. Don't let your child play at games that are held on public hiking trails or parks. Playing games around the outside of your house is illegal as well, even your child remains on your private property.

The more you get involved and understand what your child is doing, the more responsible and safe your child will be. Airsoft Hawaii promotes safe, honorable, and fun airsoft for people of all ages to enjoy. Airsoft Hawaii does require that all players under the age of 14 have a legal guardian remain at the field for the duration of their stay.