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April 10, 2013

August 4th at Hawaii All Stars Paintball Field
Hawaii All Stars Paintball waivers and field directions
Check in starts at 8:00am. First game starts at 9:30.
All ASH rules in effect -
400 FPS Limit on all guns
Full face Paintball Mask Required.
-Separate face shield/goggle sets and mesh or screen goggles not allowed.
-No metal or glass BBs allowed
-No Green or Blue Lasers allowed
-No exposed or external Li-po battery packs unless the battery is enclosed in a rigid case such as a PEQ or battery box. Li-po batteries contained in soft pouches or anything that may be smashed, crushed or damaged are not allowed
-No shooting directly at the safety nets

For information about sponsorship please contact Grant.

Airsoft Hawaii Impact Night Games
Second and Fourth Saturdays of every month. 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Hawaii All Stars Paintball Field
Call Impact Games for schedule changes or cancellations, 808-488-4120
Download the waiver form here: Hawaii All Stars Waiver

Field fee $20.00
ASH Rules in Effect.
Covered shoes and full PAINTBALL MASK required
Battery powered guns: 400fps limit (measured with 0.20g)
Gas powered guns: 400fps limit (measured with 0.20g)
Pump action guns: 400fps limit (measured with 0.20g)
Spring powered bolt action guns: 450fps limit (measured with 0.20g), minimum 50ft shooting distance
8mm guns: 300fps limit (measured with 0.34g)
Green lasers not allowed
Metal BB's and Bioval style clear BBs not allowed
Grenades using 8mm, Rubber balls, paintballs, or solid single piece projectiles not allowed
For a complete set of the rules click here:
Questions? Call Impact Games: 808-488-4120
Got Facebook? Check out in-game photos at


September 21, 2009

Impact Games has received a large shipment of BBs. Guarder 0.28g, KSC Perfect 0.30g, and Madbull 0.30g, 0.36g, 0.40g, 0.43g and 0.25g tracers are all in stock.