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Airsoft Hawaii was formed in 1987 to create a safe, organized, and fun environment where Hawaii's airsoft enthusiasts could play. Prior to the formation of Airsoft Hawaii, airsoft games were often impromptu and unorganized, not to mention unsafe. Airsoft Hawaii has brought together a majority of the airsoft community in Hawaii, not only making it more fun for the players, but safer for the public as well.

Over the years Airsoft Hawaii has grown from a small group of friends to games averaging 60 or more players. Airsoft Hawaii organizes tournaments, indoor games, and outdoor games. Airsoft Hawaii has had island-wide media coverage, as well as California, New York, and nationally distibuted airsoft publications.

Airsoft Hawaii takes an active role in educating Hawaii players in the safe and legal use of airsoft guns. The organization works with retailers, law-makers, as well as the police and parents to promote safety and awareness of airsoft and airsoft safety in the community.

"We have stopped people from playing in parks and schools and got them to join." , says a founding member of Airsoft Hawaii. "We need to ... find other players who are playing in schools and parks. It's too dangerous if people see players with airsoft guns in public places. Someone could get hurt and it could mean the end of ...airsoft."

Airsoft Hawaii is geared towards the beginner and recreational airsoft player. If you are a hard-core, damn-the-rules kind of player, we're probably not the group for you.

Airsoft Hawaii is not a business. Airsoft Hawaii and all its volunteer staff make no profits from its activities.