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2009 Summer Smash

Game Rules
Prize List

Summer Smash 2009

"If you play Airsoft in Hawaii, you need to signup for Summer Smash. As you can see the rest of the world is only catching up now, but Hawaii has been playing Airsoft for over 20 years, be part of this history." - Losgatos, Founder of Double Tap Unit

August 1st at Hawaii All Stars Paintball Field
Hawaii All Stars Paintball waivers and field directions

Pre-event Registration is $30.00.
Registration forms are available at Impact Games and PowerEdge. You can also download the Registrations forms here.
Register by June 20 and get an extra prize raffle ticket.
Final day to sign up at the pre-event price will be Sunday July 26.
Walk-on Game fee will be $40.00.

Check in starts at 8:00am. First game starts at 9:30.

Hawaii All-Star will be selling BBQ chicken plate lunches for $5.00 each and $1 bottled water.
Team 808 will be selling shave ice.

All ASH rules in effect -
400 FPS Limit on all guns
Full face Paintball Mask Required
-No Green Spectrum Lasers allowed
-Guns using Li-po batteries are required to have a fuse
-No exposed or external Li-po battery packs unless the battery is enclosed in a rigid case such as a PEQ or battery box. Li-po batteries contained in soft pouches or anything that may be smashed, crushed or damaged are not allowed
-Anyone charging a Li-po battery pack on premises is required to have a Li-po rated charger, balancer, “liposack” fire containment device, and fire extinguisher
-No shooting directly at the safety nets

All players are welcome but register early. There will be a limit of 250 players!
The first 75 registered players to check in get an extra prize free from Airsplat. Their choice of either an Ursula Mays poster or Airsplat water bottle. Subject to availability on a first come basis.

For information about sponsorship please contact Grant.