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June 2007
This month's Featured Article

Minoru Matsumoto, President and founder of Shoei, recently passed away. He will be missed by all of us in the airsoft community. For those of you not familiar with Shoei believe me that nobody makes nicer looking replica guns. I have a MG42 displayed in the showcase at my shop and everyone marvels at it. In 2005 Shoei donated a MP44 which was given away to the winner of the ASH BASH Cosplay Contest. We were given the honor of displaying it before the 2005 ASH BASH and everyone who saw it said that was the prize they wanted to win. Even people who never heard of Shoei were amazed at the looks and could easily see the quality of the gun even behind the showcase glass. Minoru Matsumotoís legacy will live on through his company and his family who continue to build replica guns to Minoruís high quality standards. In a previous Ballistic article we interviewed his son, Tomio Matsumoto. As a tribute to Minoru we are republishing this article. Thank you Minoru Matsumoto.

-Grant Woo, Impact Games

Eye Protection

Tokyo Marui Type 89
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