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Photo Album
Prize Listing

Aliens Pulse Rifle
Impact Games LLC

Systema Training Weapon
Power Edge Hawaii
Beretta M92FS
Western Arms
Custom Caspian Glock19
Airsoft Surgeon
Three Tactical Vests
Knights SR16
Airsoft Clan
Colt M733
Redwolf Airsoft
MP5A4 & G18C
M15A4 Carbine
G26C, & G18C

Airsoft Extreme
Power Edge USA
M4A1 Boys Ver,
P38, & G17

Airsoft Shop
Custom HK51 Digital
The QProject
Custom Para Pro-Killer
FPS Magazine
& The Qproject
Other Prizes
Two $200.00 Gift Certificates -WGC Shop
IAS Tactical bbs -Industrial Airsoft Systems
Excel bbs -BFX Imports
Milspex Woodland Camo Cover for M4 -Red Wolf Airsoft
Milspex Desert Camo Cover for M16 -Red Wolf Airsoft
Variety of brand named bbs -Airsplat
Guarder Tornado holster -Airsoft Extreme
Tactical Slings -Airsoft Extreme
Maxpedition Sliver 2 gun bag -Airsoft Extreme
Beamshot Laser kits -Airsoft Extreme
Customized KP8 metal slide and barrel with Q modifications for power-ups via Green gas -Qproject
Original collector's edition Marui HK51 with custom paintjob with Systema 400fps upgraded mechbox -QProject
Custom gun-metal dyed and engraved Western Arms Para-Ordnance P14.45 Pro-killer with internal slide, hammer, and trigger fine-tuning and power upgrade. (incl. ASH BASH anniversary laser engravings on chamber) -FPS Magazine
Assorted Tactical gear by High-Speed Gear and Black Hawk -FPS Magazine