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Special Guests at the BASH

This year we are very fortunate to have some special friends flying in to attend the ASH BASH.

Daisy and Jack Ma from The Q Project
Stop by the Q Project booth to talk to Jack and Daisy Ma. They can answer your questions and show you what the Q Project can do for you. You will have a chance to test some of Q Projects finest guns.

Paul Chu from Redwolf Airsoft
Meet Paul Chu from Red Wolf Airsoft. He will be flying in from Hong Kong to meet the players and participate in the games.

Shane Silva from Echigoya International
Meet Shane Silva from Echigoya International. He will be flying in from Japan to showcase some of their latest offerings as well as host a speed shooting game.

Mr. Haruka Nakajima from ARMS Magazine

Boss Gerira from ARMS Magazine
Meet the guys from ARMS Magazine. Boss Gerira and Haruka Nakajima will be on hand to take pictures for ARMS Magazine.