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2006 ASH BASH Cosplay (Costume) Contest

The 2006 ASH BASH is fast approaching so get your costumes ready, because we will be holding our second Cosplay Contest. Cosplay is a Japanese term for costume play. It is very similar to Masquerade. In Japan, cosplay fans will dress up and recreate characters from science fiction to fantasy, from medieval to military. It's a time for enthusiastic fans to dress up in their favorite garb or as their favorite character and have a lot of fun.

Last year, we had several entrants dress up and the lucky winner received a Shoei MP44. Here are pictures of some of last year's contestants.

Halo Master Chief

Aliens Colonial Marine

WWI Tropical Mercenaries

WWII 1st Cavalry Div Scout


Medieval Cannoneer

We encourage all of you to participate in the cosplay contest. Get inspired by checking out anime, manga, movies, video games etc. Recreate those very same characters from Japanese anime, or manga. Or you might want to be a character from a movie or television show or video game. Pretty much anything goes.

Contest rules:
* Costume must be original and unique.
* For historical re-enactors anything from the Vietnam War period back to the stone age is legal.
* Although we encourage it, contest participants are not required to play in costume. If you do plan on playing in costume, be sure that your costume meets the fields safety requirements.
* The winner will be chosen by the staff of ARMS Magazine, and will receive a great prize.

Examples of cosplay can be found all over the internet. In the 2005 March issue of ARMS Magazine a cosplay game held in Japan was featured. Here is the link to the site: