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ASH BASH 2006 Prize List

Here are some of the prizes that will be given away at this year's ASH BASH. Check back often since this list will be updated.

Grand Prize to be given away by RedWolf Airsoft is a steel/aluminum Inokatsu M60E3 delivering 450fps of performance with high rate of fire through an autowinding magazine! This Inokatsu M60E3 is the most refined and realistic M60 on the market to date! We'll be giving this gun (worth USD 1600) to one lucky winner at the Ash Bash event!

PDI M15A4 VAR assembled by Impact Games Complete with Bushmaster Metal Body, PDI 05 barrel, Metal bushings, 150% spring and Vacuum Piston Head. Retail value: $1100
PDI B-Up VSR-10 assembled by Impact Games with PDI 05 barrel, Premiere cylinder set with Barikaru Compo VC piston, B-Up receiver, Trigger sears and 1.4J spring. Retail value: $750
above image provided courtesy of PDI/X-Fire, scope not included with prize

GCA Custom CA based SL9, fully upgraded to 400FPS with scope, bipod, silencer and the works
assorted tactical vests and gas blowback pistols

CA M24 Socom Sniper Rifle

ICS armory USA AK74, version-3

ICS Oly Arms M4A1, version-3
ICS Special Weapons MP5 SD5 Tactical, version-2

JB Unicorn Oly Arms Firsh free floating tactical handguard for M4

JB Unicorn Oly Arms Firsh free floating tactical handguard for M16
JB Unicorn full metal vertical grip with foam pads
4 ICS Sanyo 8.4v 2400mah NiCd batteries

XM203 Long Launcher
XM203 Small Launcher

Four $200 gift certificates

Airsoft Surgeon Custom 7075 aircraft aluminum single stack Kimber TLE/RLII (CUSTOM Two Tone version). Retail value: $1100 US

LEVEL-1 Protection Vest
U.S. Police Tactical Vest
Water Bottle Pouch
Walkie-Talkie/Cell Phone Pouch
Fully Adjustable Cell Phone Pouch
Long Rifle bag