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2007 ASH BASH Cosplay (Costume) Contest

Halo Master Chief

Aliens Colonial Marine

It’s become a tradition to have the Cosplay contest at the ASH BASH. What is Cosplay? It’s playing with costumes, a popular hobby in Japan. In fact if you ever go to Japan you will find costume stores very close to the airsoft stores. Just pick up an ARMS Magazine and you will see how much they like Cosplay.

Here are the rules for the cosplay contest:

  • Costume must be original and unique.
  • For US historical/military costumes anything from the Vietnam War period back to the stone age is legal. So “Delta Force” or “SWAT” does not count but anything from “Red Coat” to “Tunnel Rat” is acceptable.
  • Modern uniforms from foreign countries are acceptable if it is a full uniform with correct clothing, gear and weapon. Just BDU’s from another country does not count.
  • Nothing offensive such as KKK.
  • Nothing dangerous (actual weapons, potential health/strangulation hazards, fire)
  • Although we encourage it, contest participants are not required to play in costume. If you do plan on playing in costume, be sure that your costume meets the field safety requirements. So think about your facemask before you paint your face like Darth Maul.

WWI Tropical Mercenaries

WWII 1st Cavalry Div Scout

Cosplay participants who play in costume for the majority of the day will receive an extra raffle ticket!

Here are some ideas for costumes:
Movie roles: Starship Troopers, Predator, Mad Max, Resident Evil
Anime: Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Black Lagoon, Gundam, Jin-Roh
TV: Stargate, Star Trek, Reno 911
Games: Warhammer40K, Final Fantasy
Comics: Punisher, Batman, X-men


Medieval Cannoneer

Airsoft Hawaii and the ASH BASH Staff reserve the right to deem any costume as offensive, dangerous, or unfit for game play. We also reserve the right to say “that’s not a costume” if you do something like just wear a coat and say you’re Tony Soprano (unless you actually look like Tony).