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2009 Summer Smash

Game Rules
Prize List

Summer Smash 2009 Game Rules

Small Game Formats:

House field: Bomb run
There is a bomb hidden in the middle of the field.
Find the bomb, and plant it at the enemy base.

Hyperball Field: Gas Grab
Four gas cans for each team are in the middle of the field.
First team to collect all four cans wins.
Cans may only be taken one at a time.
Each can must be delivered to the base before another is picked up.

Mound field:
Basic elimination games.

Large Game Format:
Two teams.
Each team split in half and start at opposite corners.
Each starting point can be used as a regeneration point, go there and come back to life.
At each base are three balloons.
If all three balloons are popped that base cannot be used for players to regenerate.
There are three flag stations on the field.
If a team puts up their color flag they activate one of three snipers.
Sniper flags can be switched back and forth, switching the team affiliation of the snipers.
Snipers will be designated by the Summer Smash referee staff.