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2009 Summer Smash

Game Rules
Prize List

Summer Smash 2009 Prize List

Here are some of the prizes that will be given away at the Summer Smash. Check back often since this list will be updated.

Classic Army AK-47/SA-M7 Sportline

Classic Army M4/M15A4 Sportline

TSD Tactical 3-Burst Shotgun

Tokyo Marui AK74MN with Recoil Engine

Long range tight-bore barrels in M4, AK-47 and M16 length

Classic Army AUG A2 Sportline

Classic Army M249 MKII

AGM P90 with Box Mag

Well Mac11/G11

Limited Edition HK shirts

Helmets and other Tactical gear

Tornado grenades

Toys N Joys gift cards