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Safety Equipment

Airsoft safety equipment is often over-shadowed by airsoft guns themselves. Quality safety equipment is extremely important. Safety equipment can make the difference between playing the whole day and sitting out because of an injury or discomfort.

A quality paintball mask is the most important piece of safety equipment.
The most important piece of safety equipment you will own is a paintball goggle and mask system. Don't skimp on your masks. Higher end paintball masks provide better peripheral vision and are more comfortable and fog resistant than lower costing goggles. Economical masks, however, will provide just as much protection. Airsoft Hawaii requires that all masks cover a player's eyes, face, and ears. Only paintball goggle systems are allowed in use. Mesh lenses are not allowed because there is a risk of bb's shattering on impact on nearby rocks or even the mesh lense itself. A mesh lense can allow small shards of bb's to pass through, causing eye injury.

Proper footwear is also very important. Airsoft Hawaii's terrain is very uneven in spots. Ankle supporting shoes or boots will help prevent ankle injuries as well as prevent dirt and rocks from entering your footwear.

Knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves, while not mandatory, will all help protect you from environmental hazards such as thorns, rocks, and sometimes even bugs.

Safety gear will keep you coming back for more. So before you spend that extra money on that cool new attachment for your gun, think about safety gear first.

Pads and boots will prevent injuries.