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Transporting Your Airsoft Gun

When you transport airsoft guns, you run the risk of alarming the public and getting the police involved. In 2003, the City and County of Honolulu passed a law concerning the transportation of all replica guns, including airsoft. Below are guidelines based upon the law you need follow when transporting airsoft guns, including some additional recommendations from Airsoft Hawaii.

Airsoft guns must be transported in a suitable case or be securely covered at all times. Use a soft or hard gun case, that can be securely closed and locked or cover your gun in a way that no part is visible or easily identifyable as a gun.

Transport your airsoft gun only when you are going to a game or the local airsoft store. Other than that, keep it at home!

If you have to walk in public with a gun case (i.e. going from the parking lot to an airsoft store), go directly to your destination as quickly as possible.

Use a soft or hard gun case, that can be securely closed and locked.

Do not use public transportation, like The Bus or a taxi, to transport your airsoft gun. Airsoft guns should only be transported in a private vehicle to avoid unnecessary alarm. If you can't arrange a ride to a game or to the airsoft store, don't go. It's not worth getting the police involved if you carry an airsoft gun onto a bus, regardless if it's in a case or not.

When you are in a private vehicle, put your gun case in the trunk. If there is no trunk, then the case must be kept in the rearmost part of the vehicle, inaccessible to any passengers.

...put your gun case in the trunk.
Do not have airsoft guns in your vehicle when going to security sensitive areas, such as the airport or a government building. It is also illegal to have airsoft guns on school grounds without permission from school authorities, regardless of whether or not it is kept in a case or securely covered.

When you are not transporting your airsoft gun, it should stay at home locked in its case. Store it with the mag out, safety on, with no batteries or gas connected, and out of reach from children.

By following these simple guidelines, you will keep yourself out of trouble and prevent any misunderstandings between airsoft enthusiasts, the public and law enforcement. Airsoft is a sport we all love and as such, we must remember to do our best to ensure that airsoft guns are used safely and responsibly.